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The most noteworthy part of such an exam is to have a learned, experienced and dedicated guide. We at IAS ABHIYAN has redefined the preparation of IAS Exam much more simpler by providing quality Test Series, Compilations of Standard/NCERT Books, Monthly Current Affairs specially designed for Prelims and Mains. Use it meticulously and learn on how to succeed UPSC Exam. As part of your IAS exam preparation, take a few minutes every day and practice concentrating on a single point for some time at IAS ABHIYAN. Follow your dream and keep up your dedication and sincere preparation under the right mentor from IAS ABHIYAN to guide you throughout your preparation. For those appearing for successive attempts, do not let the thoughts of past failures deter you. Instead, focus on your learning from those attempts. Remember one thing a well-designed and flexible strategy is key to success in this exam. It is true that the syllabus is vast and the variables that can affect outcomes are myriad. Nevertheless, do keep in mind that every year, many deserving candidates, from diverse backgrounds, get the rank they had aimed for! Arise, awake, and stop not till the goal is reached.

Our Free Initiatives for All Aspirants:

  1. Daily Important Articles
  2. Daily Current Affairs Briefs
  3. Section Wise Current Affairs both for Prelims and Mains
  4. Pre-Bits Flash Liner (Most Followed / Recommended)
  5. Facts Corner (Most Recommended)
  6. Abhiyan Pedia-Complete Revision for Prelims (All Subjects)
  7. Mains Value Edition
  8. Facts & Figures for Mains
  9. Quotes for Mains
  10. Best Practices / Case Studies etc

Our Paid Initiatives:

  1. Prelim-cum-Mains Advance Learning Programme
  2. Current Affairs Crash Course
  3. Prelims Mock Test Series
  4. NCERT Course for Beginners
  5. Monthly Current Affairs
  6. NCERT Summaries
  7. Standard Books Summaries etc.

All our paid initiatives are available at very affordable fees. Our Motive behind launching different programmes with low prices is to enable every serious aspirant to get the best materials in the market.

Take every single initiative of IAS Abhiyan as your guider to make your dream come true.

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