Pariej lake


  • Recently, a mugger or marsh crocodile (Crocodylus plasutris) and a number of turtles, both listed under Schedule I of the Wild Life (Protection) Act, 1972, died after a fire engulfed vegetation along a reservoir Pariej lake situated in central Gujarat’s Kheda district.

About Pariej lake

  • The reservoir, known as Pariej lake, had been the site of desilting and dredging work when the fire started.
  • The Pariej reservoir is an old one.

    Pariej lake
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  • It is also a wetland that attracts lots of birds.
  • Pariej, at 8 sq km, was the largest waterbody in Kheda.
  • Kheda lies in the Charotar region of Gujarat, located between the Sabarmati and Mahi rivers.
  • The mugger’s name is derived from makara, a water monster in Hindu mythology.
  • In Gujarat, the species is also venerated as the mount of Khodiyar, a form of Shakti.

Source: DTE

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